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Welcome to the ZR Contractor Portal Wiki

Zeeland Refinery N.V. (ZR) has developed, in close coöperation with IQ-Pass International B.V. a "Contractor Portal." This WIKI contains all required instructions and information for the primary admin / contact person of an organisation, regarding this Contractor Portal.

Main process to register your organisation and personnel is the following:

  1. Registration of your organisation if not already done -> Register your own organisation
  2. Once your organisation is appproved by Zeeland Refinery, you can start registering persons of your own organisation -> Register persons of your own organisation Note: Only when your organisation will have workers on ZR site.
  3. (Optional): If you work with subcontractor organisations at Zeeland Refinery, you need to register these organisations as well ->Register your subcontractor organisations Note: Only possible for MAIN contractors, not for SUB contractors.
  4. Each individual who wants to gain access to the site needs to follow the required Helix e-learnings --> Contractor Employee: Helix e-learnings. It is important that the person logs on the Helix environment with the e-mail address by which the person is registered in the contractor portal (see step 2)
  5. After a few years (max. 7 years) your organisation data needs to be renewed -> Renewing your organisation data

Overview ZR Contractor Portal (data blurred)

For the contact person of an organisation

For an employee of one of ZR's (sub)contractors to:

Aim of this portal is to:

  • Improve the efficiency on both contractor and ZR side in the administrative processes with relation to company acceptance (prequalification) and admission of personnel on the site
  • Improve the site entrance process by providing clear information about the ZR acceptance status of your own employees and subcontractors
  • Reduce costs, both for contractors and for ZR, due to these efficiency improvements
  • Give automatic triggers by e-mail about expiration of certain documents like a company safety certificate or a personal safety certificate.

By implementing this portal, ZR is:

  • Transparant on the data we keep about companies and personnel
  • Compliant with requirements by law, particulary GDPR (privacy law)
  • Automating administrative steps as much as reasonably possible

Via the portal, you, as contact person of your organisation, will always have access to the most recent acceptance status of organisations and personnel and you will be notified by e-mail on important changes to your access status.
You are a contactperson of a subcontractor? After the registration is done by the main contractor, you will receive a mail with your login-details. The rest of the process is similar to the one as described in the information for a contactpersons of an organisation, but with the following exceptions:

  • As Subcontractor, you start in Step 2 of the process Registering your own organisation (Step 1 is done by the main contractor)
  • As Subcontractor, you have no rights to create another subcontractor (sub-sub). Another subcontractor is to be registered by your main contractor.