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Q: I don't see a menu Persons or Organisations' in the portal, so I can't create these persons/organisations?

  • A: In that case, your account does not have yet the appropriate rights set OR your organisation is not approved yet. In case your organisation is not yet approved (status Approved), this is normal. In case your organisation is approved and you still don't see these menu's please contact [email protected] to have this corrected.

Q: Can I request a car-pass (for access of my car on the site) via the portal?

  • A: No that's not possible. When you want to have access onto the site with your car, you can send a mail to Alex van Dalen with your request.

Person registration issues

Q: I see persons belonging to my organisation which I do not recognise?

  • A: It might be that a person is wrongfully configured as belonging to your organisation. Please contact the ZR guards and ask to have this corrected.

Q: I'm missing persons belonging to my organisation?

  • A: When you're sure the person already has a ZR access badge, then it might be that the person you're not seeing is wrongfully configured as belonging to another organisation. Please contact the ZR guards and ask to have this checked and corrected. In case the person is not registed yet you have to register him.

Q: I cannot remove persons from my organisation (delete symbol is missing)?

  • A: Deleting persons can only be done by ZR Guards, please contact them. At a later stage, ZR will enable this function for contact persons.

Q: I don't understand what I have to upload when asked for the Helix Safety Instruction ?

  • A: No upload is to be done. Every employee which will need access to the site, has to follow the site safety training. Instructions are found here: Contractor Employee: Helix safety instructions. It is mandatory that the person logs on to this Helix site by using the same e-mail address as is registered for that person in the contractor portal (only then the Helix results are automatically stored in the contractor portal for this person).

Q: I'm a contactperson for my organisation, I don't personally need physical access to your worksite, do I have to upload my qualifications and follow the site safety training?

  • A:When you're not physically accessing the worksite, you don't need to upload all your qualifications in the portal. Your access indicator will remain showing "No access", this however does not block you from your tasks as a contact person (registering organisations/persons) in our portal.

Q: I don't have an A1 form for my foreign employees, do you accept an A1 application request as well?

  • A: Yes we do. However the person is then only allowed for a limited period , sufficient enough to obtain and upload the official A1 instead. When the official A1 is ready, you MUST upload this in the portal (even when the work is already finished).

Organisation Registration Issues

Q: I see a company in my organisation-tree that I no longer work with but I cannot remove the company as my subcontractor?

  • A: Removing a company from our organisation-tree can only be done by ZR Purchasing. Please contact them to have it done for you.

Q: Do I need to register an Individual Worker Company (Dutch ZZP-er) as a sub-organisation?

  • A: No, please register the Individual Worker (ZZP-er) as an employee belonging to your organisation (as a regular person). If the person is already known in our system, please ask the ZZP-er to send a mail to [email protected] to have him changed to a different company (old & new company to mention in that mail)

Q: I received a message that my company registration is about to expire, what to do?

  • A: Your company registration is valid for a few years. When it is about to expire, the system will inform you about this. You have to Edit your organisation and upload all requested documents, answer all questions and submit for approval (similar to the first time your company was registered and approved)

Q: When will my organisation expire?

  • A: You can see this when looking in your organisation details, select the "Documents" tab and look at the date written after RFI Score valid until <date>")

this page will be regularly updated based on the received questions