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Each organisation that is approved in the Contractor Portal of Zeeland Refinery, is valid for a number of years (typically 5 years). There are 2 moments in time, that the system will issue a warning that your organisation is about to expire:

  • 90 days before expiration: A first message is being sent
  • 30 days before expiration: A second and final message is being sent

When nothing happens, your organisation will no longer be approved, access to ZR site will be revoked for all personnel and your organisation is blocked in the ordering system of Zeeland Refinery. So please act on these important e-mail messages!

Step 1: You receive a mail that your organisation is about to expire

When your organisation is about to expire the contact person(s) of an organisation receives a mail from the contractor portal which looks like the one in the screenshot below to the left (first reminder). In case no actions are being taken by the contact person(s) to renew your company registration, a second (and final!) e-mail looking like the one the right (Second and final reminder) is send. If still no actions are being taken, your company and personnel will be blocked from our site within 30 days from the last reminder mail.

First Reminder
Second (and final!) Reminder

Step 2: Update your organisation data in the contractor portal

After you have received one of the mails above, you have to act. Please log on to the contractor portal and choose from the menu on the left for "Organisations", now modify your own organisation by clicking on the Modify icon (the "pencil" symbol), see the figure.

Modify Icon for Organisation.png

You will see three tabs in which you have to update the data:

  1. General Company Information - here you have to check and update (if necessary) the required company information
  2. Documents - here you have to check and update the documents that are required
  3. Questionnaire - here you have to fill in questionnaire
3 tabs within Organisation Details

This data update process is similar to the First Registration of your organisation, as from Step 1.3.
When finished, you have to push the button SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL, after which you no longer can modify your organisation data and Zeeland Refinery will judge your data soon.

Submit for Approval Button

When not all mandatory fields are being filled in, the system will warn you about this.

When everything is OK you are approved for another period (typically a period of 5 years). When things are not (yet) OK, you will receive a e-mail detailing what is still wrong and you have the possibility to correct things.
Please note that your organisation remains valid until the original expiration date during this renewal process.