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For who are these pages?

The information on these pages is intended to be read and understood by the CONTACT PERSON of an organisation. This CONTACT PERSON will have the ability to maintain its own organisation data, register persons working for your company on Zeeland Refinery site or register Subcontractor organisation requring access to the site of Zeeland Refinery.

Organisations that need to be registered are:

  • Organisations receiving purchase orders from ZR (Contractor or similar having a direct relation with Zeeland Refinery)
  • Organisations hired by a ZR approved organisation to execute works on the site of ZR (Subcontractor, indirect relation with Zeeland Refinery)

Please note:

  • A Contractor can also be a staffing agency or an advisory bureau or any other type of company performing work at ZR premises (including office work)
  • A company that requires to be registered can also be a material supplier or external revsion company when working directly for ZR (but there is no need for them to register personnel or subcontractors)

ZR Contractorportal becomes mandatory in time

The portal will be treated by ZR as a mandatory requirement to get access to the site. We advise you to familiarize yourself with it and to check (and update when needed) your company, personnel and personal data. Delays upon site entrance for the first time can be avoided if you follow the given instructions.

Contacts in case of questions

You can contact:

In other cases, or strange error messages:

  • First check the instructions on this WIKI!
  • IQ-Pass support: [email protected], telnr: +31 346 796 008 (reachable during office hours)
Please mention you work in the portal of Zeeland Refinery.

Other topics

Browser Compatibility

The Contractor Portal website works in all modern browsers, although we personally recommend Google Chrome or the latest Microsoft Edge/Edge Chromium. Currently, the website is not (yet) optimized for smartphones/small screens.


The language used on these pages is English, as Zeeland Refinery works with a multitude of languages spoken used by our business relations. English is considered as the common language we all speak/read/write (at least ZR personnel and all contractor personnel, level foremen and higher).

Where “he” is mentioned in this manual, also “she” is meant. (analogue for himself, herself and similar references)

Sharing of this information

You can freely distribute the link to this these pages to your subcontractors or agencies you hire for activities to be executed on the site of ZR.

Important links

Link to the portal

Link to detailed instructions